We have worked with artists that are local and from other Countrys. All our music has been pinpointed for each artist and with som of them we have performed at big stages, radio etc.

Release of 3 new songs, check it out
some of the songs were performed at Sport in Ulricehamn, top song was Bad Boy
is a girl from Borås who we have written songs for there among Electrified and Radar
was our first big artist and is known from the group Medina and the song (Yalla Yalla) The songs with mos success is Aleyo, Unbeatable and Own the Night that has competed in Svenstoppen Nästa 2015.
with her wonderful voice also competed with our song Drowning in your Eyes and won the first competition in Borås 2014
is our new pop star and her new song is about to release soon.. Its called Shut it Up
was known from Big Brother and we made him the song, Så Jevla Falsk that became popular - Pippe In Da House